ESBF 10-Year Anniversary Event

November 24th, 2018, ESBF's 24th forum and 10-year anniversary was held in Beihang University. Near than 200 participants from embedded system education, R&D and technology media fields attended the forum where we took a look back at the developments and contributions of ESBF during the last decade, and discussed on how embedded technologies will evolve in the future. ESBF board members Limin He (Beihang University), Zhongmei Ma (Beijing Institute of Technology), Deqiang Han (Beijing University of Technology), Jinlong Lin (Peking University), Wei Guo (Tianjin University), Xiaoming Chang (Taiyuan University of Technology), Jian Kuang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), Jiaxing Sun and Dr. Chongying Cao attended the meeting, which was hosted by ESBF Secretary in Chief Allan He. Beihang University Holding Vice General Manager, Beihang Technology Park General Manager, Beihang University Culture and Media Corp. General Manager Mr. Xiaolong Liu delivered the opening speech in the meeting where he congratulated ESBF for the first ten years and expressed his continued support for ESBF.

The forum was a collection of top topics. An academic conference with the topic "Embedded System in the Era of IoT and AI" was held in the morning; academic experts expressed their opinions on how embedded technologies will change in the face of the IoT and AI. The afternoon events were two separate forum.

As one of the initial founders and the organizer of past events, ESBF Secretary in Chief Allan He reflected on the first 10 years of ESBF in his speech "10 Years of ESBF". Back on October 10, 2008, Prof. Limin He organized the first preparation meeting of the then to-be ESBF. From March 2009 till today, 23 events have been organized by ESBF, covering hot industry topics from integrated circuit, software, education, FPGA, Industry 4.0, Robotics, AI to IoT. ESBF has also expanded from Beijing to other cities: Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu. Today, ESBF is widely recognized in the Chinese embedded system industry.

Fellow Juyan Xu wrote a congratulation message for the anniversary. In his eyes, ESBF is a place for pure academics and technical discussions. With the members and volunteers working hard in ESBF, the forum continues to be active and unique in the field.

The morning event is an academic conference on IoT, AI and embedded systems. In the afternoon, two separate sub-forum were organized. The first being "History and Future of Embedded System Education in Higher Education", hosted by Deqiang Hang, Director, Computer Science School Research Center, Beijing University of Technology; the second forum "Embedded System Developments in Machine Learning and Edge Computing" was hosted by Xiaojing Lu, Managing Editor in Chief, MES Journal.

As the events wrapped up, each participant received a 10-year anniversary coffee cup and books published by Beihang Unviersity press (authored by Ligong Zhou). ESBF would like to express our gratitude towards our sponsoring institutions: Beihang University Press and Beijing Zhizhen Culture and Media Company, Shenzhen Creative Conference Company, Farsight Education Corp and Guangdong ZLG MCU Technology, and our friends in the media partners.

ESBF aims to provide a collaborative community for scholars, researchers, engineers and technical reporters/marketers to exchange ideas and share experiences freely. ESBF is a non-profit technology salon institution. While our events are opened to all free of charge, registration is required in advance.

Highlights of the Event
Beihang University Prof. Limin He
Beihang University Prof. Tianmiao Wang
Lucy Wang, NXP China Management
Group Photo of the Morning Event
Lisa Ding, STMicroelectronics
Li Qin, Intel China
Deqiang Han, Beijing University of Technology
Allan He, ESBF Secretary in Chief

Agenda / Keynotes Download

09:00-09:30 Registration
Morning-Main Event
Topic: Embedded System in the Era of IoT and AI
Host: Allan He, Secretary in Chief, ESBF

09:30-09:40Opening Speech
Xiaolong Liu, General Manager of Beihang University Culture and Media Corp.

10 Years of ESBF

Allan He, Secretary in Chief, ESBF


From Microcontroller to Embedded AI: A Historical Perspective

Limin He, Editor in Chief, MES Journal; Professor, Beihang University


AI&RT Development and Intelligent Manufacturing

Tianmiao Wang, Professor and Honorary Dean of the Robotic Research Intuition, Beihang Universit


The Chip Opportunity in the New Era

Jacky Sun, Executive Director China Reform Venture Capital Investment Management (Shenzhen) Ltd.


The Revolution of MCU Development with AI and IoT

 Lucy Wang, System Engineering Director, NXP China Management Company

 11:50-12:00The Ecosystem of Industrial IoT
Ligong Zhou, Founder, Guangzhou ZLG MCU Technology

 Group Photo and Lunch


Topic: History and Future of Embedded System Education in Higher Education
Host: Deqiang Hang, Director, Computer Science School Research Center, Beijing University of Technology

14:00-14:30"Xiaoming Lab" - Fifteen Years of Education PracticeProf. Xiaoming Chang, Taiyuan Institute of Technology

STM32 and Ecosystem Development of IoT

Lisa Ding, Manager, Education Project, STMicroelectronics

15:00-15:30Boosting Talent Education - Introduction to Intel's University Project

Li Qin, University Project, Intel China


Developments of Professional Embedded System Training

Hongtao Liu, R&D General Manager, Farsight Education Corp


Improve Students' Engineering Skills with Enterprises

Deqiang Hang, Director, Computer Science School Research Center, Beijing University of Technology

 Afternoon-Seminar 2

Topic: Embedded System Developments in Machine Learning and Edge Computing
Host: Xiaojing Lu, Managing Editor in Chief, MES Journal

14:00-14:30The Changing Face of Edge Computing

Lei Yang, ARM


 MCU, Machine Vision and Light Intelligence ;

OpenMV RT Demo Video

Yan Song, Principle System and Application Engineer, NXP

15:00-15:30Global Development Trends of Embedded Technology and Internet of Things

Allan He, Secretary in Chief, ESBF

15:30-16:00Imagination GPU+NNA in Heterogeneous Computing
Jun Zhang, Northern Area Customer Relationship Manager, Imagination

Knowledge-Sharing Machine Learning Algorithm and Application

Fuzhen Zhuang, Intelligent Information Processing Lab, Chinese Academy of Sciences Computing Institution

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