Embedded System Security Forum 2019

Shanghai, China

Date: October 31st 2019
Shanghai New International Expo Center W2 Forum Hall M9 Conference Room



Host: Zhecheng Cui, General Manager of China Electronic Exhibition & Information Communication Co., Ltd.

09:00-09:30 Registration
09:30-09:40 Opening Speech by the OrganizerChina Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.
09:40-09:50 Opening Speech by the Co-OrganizerAllan He
Deputy Director, China Software Industry Association Embedded System Branch
09:50-10:20Designed in China with World-Class Security
Hongshan Chen
CPU Product Manager, ARM China

10:20-10:50Security Requirements and Solutions of IoT Devices
Pengpeng Wang
System Engineering Director, NXP
10:50-11:20Texas Instruments C2000 New Energy Car SolutionZhicheng Yao
Business Outreach Manager, Texas Instruments Automobile
11:20-11:50STMicroelectronics Safeguards Your Products
Stephane Rainsard
Technical Product Manager, STMicroelectronics


Host: Allan He, Deputy Director of China Software Industry Association Embedded System Branch

13:30-14:00Hardware Security Based Full IoT Lifecycle Protection
Jufeng Fan
CEO, Shenzhen Open Security Research
14:00-14:30Safety and Security on the Level of Microcontrollers
Thomas Amann
Embedded Office
14:30-15:00IR Code Based IoT Vulnerability Scan
Zhong Chen
Product Director, Beijing Bangcle Technology

15:00-15:30Zhanrui AIoT Security Solution
Suozhi Yu
Chief Engineer, Unisoc

15:30-16:00IoT Device Security in Practice
Cun Liu
360 Tianyu Product Director, Beijing Sihai Technology (a subsidiary of Qihu 360)
16:00-16:30Award Drawing