Embedded System Beijing Forum (ESBF) was formed in 2008 by distinguished scholars and industry practitioners in China. ESBF is a technology salon promoting information exchange and communication within embedded industry and academia, with broad audience including scholars, engineers/tech ops, marketing personnel and technical writers/reporters. Since 2009, ESBF has hosted more than 20 seminars, logging more than 1000 participants and 100 news articles by various media. As a platform linking embedded system academia, industry and media, ESBF has been well-received in the field. ESBF is built upon the successful Beijing MCU Forum in the 1990s.

Topics, agenda and keynotes of all ESBF seminars can be found on our Forum Archives page.


Embedded System Beijing Forum, Beihang Boyan Bldg. 2110, 37 Xueyuan Rd, Haidian District, Bejing, China

Secretary in Chief: Allan He - xiaoqinghe @ live.com

Members: Xiaobo Hu - 22541153 @ qq.com, Xiaojing Lu


Founding Members

Yue Wang, Academician

Juyan Xu, Academician

Xubang Shen, Academician

Guangnan Ni, Academician

Zhongmei Ma

Allan He

Limin He

Jianhua Shen

Beibei Shao

Zhanglong Chen

Yu Chen

Ligong Zhou

Jun Tan

Hongxing Wei


Jiaxing Sun

Zhimin Zhang

Tao Yuan

Xiaoming Chang

Chongying Cao

Deqiang Han

Lijun Chen

Yimei Kang


Jian Kuang


Ning Li


Wei Guo


Jinlong Li


Renfa Li


Wenzhi Chen


Yixiang Chen

Partnerships and Support

Media Coverage

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